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geneveMonde.ch is an independent platform edited by the Foundation for the safeguard and the development of the audiovisual heritage of the RTS (FONSART)

geneveMonde.ch is...

...to bring the history of International Geneva closer to you.

...gathering the public to share their stories about International Geneva and enriching History.

...a new way of telling the story of International Geneva by bringing together history, memory and testimonies.

Our vision

We are journalists, historians, students and citizens and propose a critical vision of the history of international Geneva.

We believe that history is the best way to understand current global issues.

We believe that each person with his or her own history should be able to find a place in a collective history.

We believe that your memories and archives are of interest and are part of a collective memory that must be enriched.

We believe that shared memories can be the cement of a new vision of international Geneva.

Our commitments

With geneveMonde.ch your history comes alive! For the first time, we are giving the public a space to share their archives (photos, audio, video, writings) on the history of international Geneva in the thematic galleries.

With geneveMonde.ch your history takes on a new meaning! For the first time, your archives will contribute to the construction of a collective memory on International Geneva, in dialogue with the international organizations.

With geneveMonde.ch your knowledge is enriched! For the first time, everyone can become an actor of the history of international Geneva, by proposing themes for our galleries, by asking questions, by dialoguing with the members of the platform, by making the geneveMonde community live.

We create galleries, we encourage exchanges between members, we develop critical thinking by creating discussion spaces (forum, blog).


geneveMonde is backed by our editorial partners and our supporting partners.

We invite you to join us by creating your account.


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