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The editorial team

The editorial team of geneveMonde.ch, composed of complementary professions combining journalism, history and audiovisual media is composed of

Claude Zurcher, editor-in-chief

Claude Zurcher started in the written press in 1989 as a journalist and editor. In 2005, he joined the FONSART to design and edit the RTS archives website for which he publishes a vast selection of RTS sources. Four years later, he conceived the platform notreHistoire.ch for which he first assumed editorial responsibility before working on its expansion, particularly with the opening, in 2017, of eponymous platforms in the cantons of Ticino and Grisons.

His work leads him to present the notreHistoire.ch platform in the context of several cultural events such as the international congress Digital Heritage, supported by UNESCO and the International Days of the Francophonie or the World Day of Audiovisual Heritage of UNESCO. Claude Zurcher is passionate about issues related to the preservation and transmission of memory and today puts his skills and creativity at the service of the editorial project of the geneveMonde.ch platform.

David Glaser, reporter

David Glaser began his career as a journalist with several radio stations such as France Inter, RTL and Europe 1. His work led him to be a correspondent in New York. In 2009, he moved to Switzerland and worked for several media in the Lake Geneva region, such as "World Radio Switzerland", an English-language radio station, "La Côte", "20 minutes", "West FM-Le Podcast" and "Suississimo".

In 2018, he joined the FONSART to contribute to notreHistoire.ch through the animation of the community of members, the promotion of the platform and the creation of original content. Coming from a multicultural family, David has a particular interest in international history and the issue of intergenerational memory transmission.

Véronique Stenger, PhD in history, web editor

A graduate of the University of Geneva and the University of Paris X Nanterre La Défense, Véronique Stenger obtained her doctorate in 2016 with a thesis on the contribution of the International Labor Organization to the emergence of international development. She published her first book in 2020, "Social Reform, Modernization and Technical Diplomacy. The ILO Contribution to Development, 1930-1946" - as well as numerous scientific articles on the history of international cooperation. For the past ten years, she has taught contemporary history at the Department of General History of the University of Geneva.

As a member of an international community of researchers specializing in the history of international organizations, she contributes since 2019 to the organization of academic events in the framework of the History of International Organizations Network (hion.ch). Passionate about the public use of history, Véronique Stenger is interested in all forms of knowledge born and disseminated outside the academic world. She is not a fan of borders, whatever their nature, and aspires to meet and share, at the crossroads of worlds, between long and short periods of time, between researchers and a public that loves knowledge, between history and current events.

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