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Platform rules

With geneveMonde.ch, we invite you to a unique project: to bring to life the history of international Geneva through your archives and your own history.

On this platform, you can publish and share your digitized archives, testify, write articles, contribute comments, create and animate thematic galleries and, of course, get in touch with other members. You can download our user guide in pdf. Here are the ten golden rules that will allow you to fully appreciate geneveMonde.ch

1. feel at ease

Take the time to discover the platform through its documents, galleries, folders and members. Browsing through the platform will allow you to better understand what you are looking for. This intuitive navigation will allow you to better understand the purpose of the platform, its functioning, and to appreciate its richness.

2. Give yourself some time!

You think you have no time for geneveMonde.ch? You will realize that the time spent on geneveMonde.ch is time that is appreciated and interesting. And what about the pleasure you will get from seeing your documents online, from feeling like the passer-by of your history, from giving it a place in a respectful environment, with the help of other members and alongside international institutions present in Geneva.

3. Publishing is easy. But what to publish?

To put your digitized content online, we have devised a simple and complete approach. It is up to you, however, to indicate a certain amount of information that is useful to everyone. For example, the title, the date (if you know it), an informative description. This information gives value to your content, for you and other users. Note that geneveMonde is dedicated to the history of international Geneva. It is in this context that your documents have all their meaning. We favor the publication of old documents, but it is also possible to put online current documents, provided that they are part of a historical perspective.

4. Who - when - why - where? questions that will help you

When publishing your documents, remember to include information that will be useful for other users to understand them and make them easier to find. Question 1: Who is in the image? Can you specify the names of the people? This information can be included in the title of the document or in its description. We believe that naming gives a place to the story of each person. Question 2: When was this photo taken? It is true that it is difficult to know the exact date of an old photo. But sometimes the year is enough - it may be written on the back of the print - otherwise, try to indicate the decade. Take a good look at your document, you will probably find a detail that will help you, it could be a fashion, a building facade, a car model... Other members can help you. Don't hesitate to call on them. Question 3: Why was this photo taken, on what occasion? You certainly have a memory, an anecdote, a life story that will illuminate your document.

5. geneveMonde.ch is also a community

geneveMonde.ch has a strong community of members, you can get in touch with them in several ways. For example by following a person whose content or activity you appreciate, by participating in their collaborative galleries, by writing to them. A forum is also at your disposal to exchange advice, opinions and information. The geneveMonde.ch editorial staff is responsible for the animation and moderation of geneveMonde.ch. We are here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us by writing to us or by posting a question on the forum. You can also contact us via the address :

6. What about the question of rights?

The documents published on geneveMonde.ch are subject to copyright. This means that you must be the author, or the rightful owner, of the content you share. There are also old documents that are free of rights. These are mostly photos that have fallen into the public domain. This happens 70 years after the death of its author. You must also check that you respect the rights of the personality, in particular the right to the image, and the musical rights. This aspect of the rights seems complex. But we are here to help you.

7. "Fake news"? No, it's not!

We are sure that you share, as we do, the taste for accuracy, the care for precision, the importance of the truthfulness of facts. Everything is so much simpler when it is true... So be sure, as much as possible, to verify your words. But feel free to write in your own way, as you feel it, to express yourself as you are, your participation will be even more appreciated. We moderate the platform, it means that we make respect the rules of expression, truthfulness and opinion. You can read our charter on this subject.

8. Activity is better than just publishing

You can easily upload your content and edit it. This is the easiest way to showcase your archives. The platform offers you other possibilities, including the creation of thematic galleries. In these galleries, your documents are cross-referenced with those of members or institutions. Your content takes on a new dimension and is placed in a historical perspective, that of the history of international Geneva. It is up to you to create your own galleries, to join those opened by others, to share and to make your archives live.

9. Notifications to keep track... of history

Thanks to the notification system, you will receive announcements on the main activities concerning you, related to your documents or the members you follow. You can set them up in your profile, if you think these notifications are too intrusive.

10. Let people know about geneveMonde.ch

We need to be more widely known and to welcome new members. Please spread the word about geneveMonde.ch to your friends and family, talk about it around you! It is a way to support your own commitment and that of the entire geneveMonde.ch community.

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