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The Fridtjof Nansen Quiz

February 29th, 2024

Based on the speech of the Norwegian diplomat Fridtjof Nansen at the presentation of the 1922 Nobel Peace Prize, the genevaWorld team has a playful spirit. We would like to ask you a series of questions about this text, which resonates so strongly today in this Europe torn apart in the East. A quiz! Here's a list of five fairly simple questions. The first to respond will be on the front page of geneveMonde.ch with their answers for a whole day. Thank you for your participation and good luck.

Here is the list of 5 questions

  1. What feeling does Nansen attribute to the sculpture of the dying Gaul?

  2. What elements are responsible, according to the discourse, for the mortal sickness of the soul of the world?

  3. What measure was taken at the last Assembly of the League of Nations in Geneva to help Austria, and how was this perceived for the future of Europe?

  4. Who is mentioned as having played a significant role in the issue of disarmament?

  5. What gigantic task accomplished by the Americans is highlighted in the speech?

Reply with a personal message or on the address david.glaser@fonsart.ch

Photo courtesy of the UN Library and Archives, thanks to Pierre-Etienne Bourneuf.

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