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Evian Accords Portfolio : the Algerian delegation in Geneva

Evian Accords Portfolio : the Algerian delegation in Geneva

June 5th, 1961
André Gazut
André Gazut

On the afternoon of June 5, 1961, the Algerian delegation of the GPRA (Provisional Government of the Republic of Algeria) was installed at Bois d'Avault in the residence of Sheik Ahmed ben Ali Thani, Emir of Qatar. The house staff was exclusively Swiss. The whole area was secured, protected by DCA guns in case of an air raid by the OAS (The Organisation de l'armée secrète, meaning Secret Armed Organisation) opposed to the negotiations. Sandbags surrounded the protagonists. Swiss army Alouette helicopters allowed the Algerian delegation to travel to Evian to join the French delegation. André Gazut caught this scene with his camera. At that time, the television man was a new recruit of the French-speaking television and was working as a cameraman. He did not leave his camera though.

From left to right, in a circular fashion, according to Redha Malek, former Algerian Prime Minister, the Commandant Ali Mendjeli, of the General Staff, Ahmed Boumendjel, Director of Political Affairs at the Ministry of Information, Saâd Dahlab, Secretary General of the Ministry of External Affairs, Taïeb Boulahrouf, GPRA representative in Rome, Belkacem Krim, Vice President of the Council and Minister of External Affairs, Mohammed Benyahia, Director of the Cabinet of the President of the GPRA, Ahmed Francis, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, and Ahmed Kaïd, of the General Staff.

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