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Evian Accords Portfolio : an assassinated mayor

Evian Accords Portfolio : an assassinated mayor

Yves Debraine
Archives de la Ville d'Evian-les-Bains

Camille Blanc was the mayor of Evian. On this picture taken by Yves Debraine with Robert Floret, the manager of the Hotel du Parc in 1960, we feel that the mayor of Evian is a friendly personality, not taking himself too seriously in front of the eye of the photographer Yves Debraine from Lausanne. Clotilde Floret Saint-Cricq entrusted the photographic fund of her father to the service of the archives of the Town hall of Evian-les Bains. In front of the entrance of the Grand Hôtel du Parc where will be signed the Evian accords two years later, we recognize the mayor of Evian Camille Blanc, at the stirring wheel of the kart, Robert Floret, the owner of the hotel and the sports journalist Bernard Cahier (neighbor and friend of the Floret family). We can also see the black Citroen Traction under which the Organisation de l'Armée Secrète (Secret Armed Organisation as OAS) put one of the two bombs that will kill Camille Blanc on March 31, 1961. Camille Blanc was immensely respected in his commune. He had been a member of the Resistance during the Second World War. The announcement of the preparation of a meeting between the Algerian delegation and the French government was made too quickly. The French authorities had not set up special police protection.

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