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Nilüfer Koç of the Kurdistan National Congress on colonialism

September 24th, 2023
David Glaser

Nilüfer Koç is an expert on the Middle East and spokeswoman for the Foreign Policy Committee of the Kurdistan National Congress. The child of Kurdish migrant workers, she came to Germany in 1976 and studied political science at Bremen University. Between 2013 and 2019, she worked as co-president of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) and spent most of her time in western and southern Kurdistan.

Alongside efforts to achieve national unity, Nilüfer Koç is also active on the international stage to raise awareness of the right to self-determination of the Kurdish people and all the ethnic and religious components of Kurdistan, and is interested in and committed to the active and autonomous participation of women in all areas of society and politics. She has also been an advocate of building vast cultural networks around the Kurdish cause, involving artists, musicians and theatre-makers in the construction of international exchanges, including the artist Jonas Staal, with whom she collaborated on the New World Summit - Rojava and New World Embassy: Rojava, and New World Embassy: Kurdistan in Vidy Theater in Lausanne in September 2023, a hundred years after the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne.

You can listen to the analysis of the Kurdish question a hundred years after the signing of the treaty of lausanne with Thoreau Redcrow.

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