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What you need to know about the Geneva Conventions

February 1st, 2023
Véronique Stenger & David Glaser

Sounds of History invites you to discover its second episode devoted to the history of the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols.

The Geneva Conventions contain the essential rules of international humanitarian law, which set limits to the barbarity of war. The first Geneva Convention was adopted in 1864 and since then the international humanitarian law has continued to adapt to the reality of international conflicts.

With the help of readings from Henry Dunant's book A memory of Solferino and archives, most of which come from geneveMonde.ch partner institutions, historian Véronique Stenger and journalist David Glaser explain the history and evolution of these Conventions and their usefulness in the context of armed conflicts.

Research and presentation : Véronique Stenger and David Glaser

Readings : Laurent Burkhalter

Production: David Glaser and Christophe Gaberel

Translations : Justin Araya

Special thanks to the Geneva Public Library, the Swiss Diplomatic Archives (DODIS), the RTS archives, Memoriav and the ICRC archives.


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  • Codification of humanitarian practice: from the Algerian war to Art. 44.3 of Protocol I, via the Vietnam conflict (1966). Internal note by Jacques Moreillon. Note - A/SECR 09/22 - 02.04.2009 - JMO/MBA. ICRC Archives, Geneva.
  • Max Huber, president of the ICRC. Extract from a speech given at the Alabama Hall, 22 August 1944. RTS archives.
  • Official speech by the President of the Confederation, Max Petitpierre, on Radio Sottens in 1949. RTS archives.
  • Interview with Jean Pictet by George Gordon-Lennox on the application of the Geneva Conventions in Africa in 1969. V-S-10041-B-01. ICRC audiovisual archives, Geneva.
  • Interview with Jean Pictet by Ingrid Flaks, 1 April 1969, on the application of the Geneva Conventions in Africa. V-S-10041-A-05. ICRC Audiovisual Archives, Geneva.
  • Geneva Conventions: Two Additional Protocols of 1977. Extract from the speech of Alexandre Hay, 13 June 1977. V-S-10109-A-01. ICRC Audiovisual Archives, Geneva.

Secondary literature :

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Audiovisual resources :

  • 150 years of humanitarian action: the battle of Solferino. ICRC documentary film. icrc.org/fr/doc/resources/docu...
  • When the ICRC visited Nelson Mandela in detention. ICRC podcast. icrc.org/fr/document/podcast-q...
  • From Man to Man, film made by Christian Jaque in 1948. youtube.com/watch?v=3pwAOIGEVg...
  • Red on the Cross, film directed by Dominique Othenin-Girard in 2006.
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